Friday, October 1, 2010

what it is?

So here's blog numero dos. This will be all about the fam. It kinda happened by accident but I'm gonna roll with it. I'm not gonna lie- I like talkin about my kiddos just as much as the next mama. And there are some extended family members that I'm sure would appreciate being kept up to date. Or not. Who knows. ha.
As we're getting into fall, I start getting really nostalgic and weird. All the sudden I like lots of hugs and cuddling (I know...gross, huh?). The windows are always open and new smells come drifting through the house like an invisible fog. I am a homebody and I'm savoring these last years (or months..who knows) of no sports practice, music recitals and/or dance schedules. I also start panicking about the kids being inside more with nothing to do other than watch t.v. and play video games. All that energy bouncing around all over the place makes me nervous. So this year I've been searching everywhere for clever things to occupy their little minds. Since I'm ballin' on a budget, I can't just see &'s more intricate (in other words, free-ninety-nine). Family Fun magazine is my best friend right now as well as a couple mommy blogs. They pick up where my creativity leaves off..or lacks..whatever. Any suggestions would be welcomed and oh-so groovy.
Today, Caleb, Colin and I walked to the school to get the kids. It's funny the little things you notice and associate with the "Grand Scheme" of things. On the 15 minute trek back, I was observing how all the kids were staggered here and there. Katy, as always, was in the front of the pack with a couple neighbor kids her age. She's a born leader. I remember having to fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the school year for her teacher. It was detailed and I was salivating at the opportunity!! I was asked to describe her in 3 words; it took me a split second to write 1) leader 2) bright
3)stubborn. She is her mother's daughter for sure! Cayden follows the strongest members of the "pack" so he was just behind his big sister- an independent tag-along that is anything but a typical middle child. He's an artist in his own rite and fun to spy on when he's doin his own thing. Kennadi lagged behind with me and Colin..sorry..Colin and I. She worries. About everything. And her burden of the moment was that we weren't safe walking alone. *hearts* She's a remarkable human being and it's my pleasure to watch her grow into an extraordinary young lady. Caleb was bouncing between the two groups..unregimented..unallied. True to character. He has befriended the young and old. A very likeable little spirit. Lastly, Colin. Ever the baby. I carried him most of the way because he's my nature lover. Content to watch ants and grasshoppers hours on end. Which he attempted to do..several times.
While I don't define them by these little observations, I do think that there is a method in the madness. They are 5 very individual personalities. I'm learning to deal with them seperately and according to their personal needs..poorly but learning nonetheless. I wonder if that Duggar chick ever just sits and appreciates her 20-ish children on an individual basis....


  1. You know your kids! Wow, I wish I KNEW mine as well!

  2. but u do though. ive read all your blog entries, know your children!

  3. I can't imagine Michelle has time to just sit and watch her 19 kids...I barely have time with my four.

    You are a great writer Angela!