Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010..not spectacular

 I thought I'd attempt a year in review,  then I started thinking about things that happened last year and I drew a blank. Was 2010 really that uneventful? Yes. It was. We didn't take any cool trips. Actually, we didn't take any trips that I can remember, other than to Kansas to see the fam. That's always nice but I never get to see everyone I intend to and then the drive home is disappointing and full of "dang it..why didn't I go see her" moments (and EXTREMELY boring..ugh.).

I'm not complaining though; it may not have been an action-packed year but there's always plenty going on around here. I get so wrapped up in our day-to-day stuff that I don't realize, or maybe notice, the cool little things that we experience. Perhaps they aren't blog-worthy but in 2011 I'm going to attempt to bring more of that here. If nothing else, the kiddos will appreciate it.

Sooo...there were a few things that were momentous.
1) We found out our crazy Polish landlady decided she didn't want to renew our lease and gave us a month and a half to find somewhere else to live (and we later would find out she would decide not to give us our deposit back too..but I'm not bitter..nuh-uh..). So we traded in our spacious 3 level duplex on the Westside with THE most incredible view ever & a park across the street for a dinky, 1 bathroom, cramped duplex on the southside with no view (other than the hills behind us. yippy.), no park and my parents no longer 10 blocks away. The kids had to switch schools..again. BUT, it was a blessing in disguise. The money we are saving with lower rent and much smaller bills has been a breath of fresh air. Our landlord is great and not naggy and nit-picky like 'ole whats-er-face. The folks that moved into the other side of the duplex are seriously the coolest neighbors ever. I just love 'em to death!! We're very happy over here by the army base..faaaaar away from everything else. lol

2) Due to the move, we sadly had to get rid of our lab-mutt, Biskit. The kids, especially Katy, were devastated. We drug her up here from Texas and she brought as much joy as frustration. She had sooooo much stinkin' energy- never seen a dog like her. She loved the kids like they were hers. She played favorites though. It was quite clear that Katy was her #1.

She thought she could take on any creature she encountered. This deer was one of a small herd grazing on the hill behind our old place. Biskit was tormenting them and this guy/gal decided it was going to protect the fam. She nearly got kicked in the face that day. Dumb dog. She chased down foxes, coyote, skunks, whatever wandered near enough. I do miss her silly antics.

Clearly there was a bond. Very cute. 

She appears to be protective (which she was) but this pic shows one of her favorite things to do: watch the dogs running around the park across the street. If she was out on the front deck, she'd jump off of it (a good 10 feet down) and join them.

3) My little brother, Jordan became a dad on Sept. 22nd. Wow!!
William Gage was born at home, au naturale by mommy, Kari. He was/is the most beautiful baby!! I love him so stinkin' much. When he's around, I take a bazillion pics and videos. lol
I wish I had a pic handy of me holding Jordan when he was born for perspective but I'm not quite sure where one would be located at this moment. I still find it hard to believe he's a dad. My dorky little brother. So strange....

Whelp, I really can't think of much else that's interesting enough to gab on and on about. Everyone got a year older. The kids did great in school and made me super proud. Our mini-van finally started giving us problems after 4 years of awesomeness. Jeff bought and sold a "lemon" that I told him was a lemon but he wouldn't listen to me cuz he wanted it and then felt like a dummy when he sold it to a junkyard for $800 less than he paid  for it. We had Thanksgiving at our house and I wish I had a picture of how ridiculously cramped it was!  2 full size tables, end to end and it was barely enough room for all 15 of us. Christmas was wonderfully quiet and calm as my parents & sisters went to Kansas.

I can't believe it's already almost February of 2011. I anticipate this year being much more interesting and jam-packed with bloggable moments. We've already had a birth in the family this month and getting ready to take a trip in 2 weeks so I think we've started it off better already!!


  1. Nothing wrong with a "normal" year :)

  2. The memories of "normal" days are probably the ones we'll look back on with nostalgia the most when all the kids are grown and gone. :)

  3. I love that I can now envision your abode when we chat!
    You had a very blessed year.

  4. BTW, I really like your new background. Groovy